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Bo Redeborn - Articles and news items

Foreword: Remote Tower Operations

Issue 5 2013  •  9 October 2013  •  Bo Redeborn, Principle Director – Air Traffic Management at EUROCONTROL

Bo Redeborn, Principle Director – Air Traffic Management at EUROCONTROL, discusses how Europe can adopt the concept of remote ATC towers

The integration of airports into the network

Airport Extra  •  12 July 2013  •  Bo Redeborn, Principal Director of Air Traffic Management, EUROCONTROL

Airports need to develop a closer relationship to the network to reduce air traffic flow delays and improve the utilisation of airport slots, says Bo Redeborn, Director of ATM at EUROCONTROL…

Differentiation through integration

Issue 4 2012  •  3 August 2012  •  Bo Redeborn, Principal Director, Air Traffic Management, EUROCONTROL

"Airports need to be integrated into the ATM network.” This is a state - ment you may well have heard recently; certainly it is being discussed at conferences. But what does it mean? What benefits will it bring? And who will see these benefits?The network is becoming more clearly defined with the creation of the Network Manager in 2011. This function builds on the flow management role that EUROCONTROL has played for many years and is more pro-active in helping to plan and manage traffic flows across the continent. It is also a key part of the work on the Single European Sky – both in terms of the Performance Scheme (which started this year) – and also in preparation for the future of European ATM, SESAR.At the heart of SESAR is the concept of system-wide information management – information flowing between aircraft, air navigation service providers, the Network Manager and, of course, airports. More than ever, it is now recognised that airports have to be included; not only are they an unavoidable part of any flight, they also represent a real constraint on future growth (yes, we do still expect growth to return!).

Satellite-based precision landing system now operational

Airport news  •  13 February 2012  •  EUROCONTROL

On 9th Feb, the first fully operational GNSS Landing System approach to CAT I decision height was made by an AirBerlin flight...

SESAR: Full speed ahead

Issue 1 2012  •  7 February 2012  •  Bo Redeborn, Principal Director of Air Traffic Management, EUROCONTROL

SESAR is the research and development arm of the Single European Sky. A founding member of the SESAR Joint Undertaking, EUROCONTROL is a major contributor to this huge programme, covering everything from 4D trajectories to system wide information management and, of course, airports.Pushing forward The SESAR airport activities have now all started, all partners are fully occupied with the activities, and, at least in EUROCONTROL, personnel are extremely busy, trying to keep up with the plan.Most of the current activities are related to Step 1 of the SESAR concept, “Time Based Operations”. Three main topics are being addressed in this phase:

European ATM – Everything is changing

Issue 3 2011  •  10 June 2011  •  Bo Redeborn, Principal Director of Air Traffic Management at Eurocontrol

Europe’s civil air transport industry will face tougher performance levels when the Single European Sky (SES) II performance scheme, set by the European Commission, is introduced in 2012. Although exempted from the first (three year) reporting period, ground operations will eventually see safety, efficiency and environmental targets applied, with airports considered an integral and vital part of the system. Traffic growth is backAs IATA reported at the end of last year, global passenger traffic was 2% above pre-recession levels of early 2008 with global international cargo traffic 3% above the pre-recession levels. These figures must be considered alongside those published by the airports themselves, and which show overall passenger traffic at European airports increased by 5.3% in February 2011 compared with February 2010. The overall figure for movements at European airports increased 3.6% in February 2011 when compared with February 2010.

EUROCONTROL and European partners provide significant contribution during ICAO Global Runway Safety Symposium

Airport news  •  30 May 2011  •  EUROCONTROL

EUROCONTROL, European Commission, EASA & ECAC address the issue of runway safety...


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