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Billund Airport - Articles and news items

PIDS & FIDS: Achieving optimal flow

Issue 3 2014  •  17 June 2014  •  Anders Nielsen & Lone Teist, Billund Airport

Anders Nielsen and Lone Teist reveal how Billund Airport is using flight displays as a strategic tool to help passengers gain the most optimal flow through the airport...

Innovation Insight: Airport Fault Detection

Issue 2 2014  •  16 April 2014  •  Andreas Delhusen, President & CEO, DHF Airport Systems AB

Andreas Delhusen, President and CEO of DHF Airport Systems AB, discusses the company’s revolutionary airport fault detection system...

Billund Airport: Pioneering self-service

Issue 1 2013  •  18 February 2013  •  Anders Nielsen, Vice President, Project and Development, Billund Airport

When it comes to air travel, efficient passenger flow through the airport is crucial for both a positive passenger experience, and efficient use of airport resources. Self-service check-in for seats solved part of the issue, but the efficiencies are lost if you have to stand in a queue to check-in your baggage once you get to the airport. At Billund Airport we tackled this issue with an innovative home-printed bag tag solution, which allows travellers to print and attach their baggage tags before they get to the airport.Billund Airport is the second largest airport in Denmark. While it was initially constructed to serve the near-by headquarters of the LEGO Company, one of the world’s largest toy companies, today our aim is to become one of the leading airports in Northern Europe in terms of service for passengers and airline companies.As proof of our commitment to that aim, in September 2012 Billund Airport became the world’s first airport to launch a home-print bag tag solution, allowing charter passengers to print their baggage tags at home together with their boarding card. The new system means pass - engers avoid having to queue when checking in their baggage, making life easier for passengers and airport check-in personnel.

Success for groundbreaking service at Billund Airport

Airport news  •  11 October 2012  •  Billund Airport

Billund Airport has launched a new service which allows passengers to print their baggage tags at home...


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