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Ben Sampson - Articles and news items

Talking TETRA for operational gains

Issue 2 2005, Past issues  •  10 June 2006  •  Ben Sampson

Instances of airports switching to the digital TETRA mobile radio systems are on the increase, but does this system offer a worthwhile improvement over existing technologies?

Ground level coordination

Issue 4 2005, Past issues  •  25 November 2005  •  Ben Sampson

The state of play on the ramps and aprons of the world’s airports reflects the state of the industry in general, airline efficiency and advances in technology.

LED potential on the airfield

Issue 3 2005, Past issues  •  16 September 2005  •  Ben Sampson

The growing acceptance of LED technology for use in different airports globally is testament to the technology’s potential in this area.


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