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Andrew Price - Articles and news items

Baggage Handling: A more efficient process

Issue 3 2014  •  17 June 2014  •  Andrew Price, Head of Airport Operations at IATA

IATA’s pioneering ‘InBag’ program will help to deliver a 20 per cent efficiency improvement in baggage operations. Head of Airport Operations, Andrew Price, provides an overview...

Taking aim at mishandling: IATA targets a 50% reduction in mishandled bags by 2012

Issue 2 2009, Past issues  •  31 March 2009  •  Andrew Price, Head of Baggage Improvement Programme (BIP), IATA

Although airlines get baggage right 98% of the time, mishandling costs the industry US$3.8 billion every year. Between 2005 and 2007 the number of mishandled baggage increased three times faster than passenger growth. In the EU the mishandlings rose 28% while passenger growth increased by 9%. In the USA, mishandled baggage increased by 27%, while passenger numbers grew 10.5%.


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