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Airports Commission - Articles and news items

Gatwick’s record August and long haul success prove Airports Commission data is 14 years out of date

Airport news  •  12 September 2016  •  International Airport Review

Gatwick Airport’s continued long haul growth has proven that the Airports Commission forecasts are out of date...

Gatwick issues full response to Airports Commission Final Report

Airport news  •  17 August 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, International Airport Review

Gatwick Airport has published a full and comprehensive response to the Airports Commission Final Report on UK airport expansion.

Gatwick fights back at Airports Commission final report on expansion

Airport news  •  14 July 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, International Airport Review

Gatwick Airport has issued its response to the Airports Commission final report on airport expansion believing shortcomings have led to a flawed conclusion.

Mayor views aviation expansion in Singapore led by British expertise

Airport news  •  27 November 2014  •  The Mayor of London Press Office

The Mayor of London has warned that while the UK Airports Commission flies up a blind alley the rest of the world is already building new runways and terminal buildings that are designed and built using British expertise and which will put them well ahead of the UK in the race for new global business...

Airports Commission publishes consultation on shortlisted options for a new runway

Airport news  •  12 November 2014  •  Airports Comminssion

An assessment of proposals for additional runway capacity at Gatwick and Heathrow airports has been published...

Heathrow Hub is the most politically deliverable airport proposal, says Jock Lowe

Airport news  •  11 November 2014  •  Heathrow Hub

Heathrow Hub is the independent proposal to extend the northern runway at the airport to at least 6,800m, with a safety in the middle, enabling the runway to be operated as two runways...

Politicians and aviation experts discuss the future of aviation policy at CILT’s Liberal Democrat conference fringe debate in Glasgow

Airport news  •  10 October 2014  •  The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

CILT’s fringe debate at this week’s Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow saw key industry figures discuss their vision for the future of aviation to a packed room of industry professionals...

Airports Commission announces inner Thames estuary decision

Airport news  •  4 September 2014  •  Airports Commission

The inner Thames estuary airport proposal not shortlisted...

London’s and the UK’s airport capacity expansion is urgent, says KPMG

Airport news  •  3 September 2014  •  KPMG

Commenting on the Airports Commission’s decision to reject the plan for a Thames estuary airport, Richard Threlfall, KPMG's UK head of infrastructure, building and construction, said...

Mayor vows to continue the fight as Airports Commission turns its back on the future

Airport news  •  2 September 2014  •  Mayor of London's Press Office

The Mayor of London has told the Airports Commission that their failure to take forward the only credible option for aviation expansion means their work will become increasingly irrelevant...

Businesses need clarity and commitment as Airports Commission consultation closes, says KPMG

Airport news  •  8 August 2014  •  KPMG

James Stamp, KPMG’s head of transport, comments as Airports Commission consultation closes on its inner Thames estuary study outputs...

Airport rivals hear direct from Davies at Aviation Summit

Airport news  •  17 December 2013  •  Runways UK

Sir Howard Davies is to deliver a keynote address early in the New Year at the first major 2014 aviation summit...

Airports Commission publishes interim report

Airport news  •  17 December 2013  •  Airports Commission

The independent review concludes that there is a need for 1 additional runway to be in operation in the south east of the UK by 2030...

Aviation capacity in the UK: emerging thinking

Airport news  •  7 October 2013  •  Gov.uk

Discusses the progress plus arguments in favour of and against expanding airport capacity at the national level...


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