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Airbus - Articles and news items

Inaugural A350 Airbus welcomed to Melbourne Airport

Airport news  •  10 August 2016  •  Roy Manuell

Melbourne Airport welcomed the inaugural A350 Airbus service to Victoria this afternoon, with the arrival of Singapore Airlines flight SQ207.

Frankfurt Airport welcomes Lufthansa Airbus A320neo

Airport news  •  15 February 2016  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, International Airport Review

On 12 February 2015, Deutsche Lufthansa officially launched the world’s first Airbus A320neo aircraft at Frankfurt Airport, adding another aircraft type to the airport’s portfolio.

Airbus A350-900 is EASA certified

Airport news  •  1 October 2014  •  The European Aviation Safety Agency

The European Aviation Safety Agency issued on 30 September 2014 the type certificate of the Airbus A350-900...

Asian passengers shaping long haul economy air travel

Airport news  •  13 February 2014  •  Airbus

New research shows comfort is key to Asian passengers...

Keeping up with growth

Airport Extra  •  13 August 2013  •  Bill Shea, Aviation Expert

Airports need to be creative, flexible and innovative if they are to keep up with expected growth, says aviation expert Bill Shea...

Continued handling of the A380

Issue 3 2012  •  6 June 2012  •  Mark Glover, Commissioning Editor, International Airport Review

Five years after its maiden flight, the Airbus A380 continues to grow its operations around the world. Key to the aircraft’s smooth consolidation with airports was Airbus’ early involvement with ground handlers. In this special interview, Mark Glover from International Airport Review spoke to two of Airbus’ key figures in the imple - mentation; Peter Esteie, Head of Ground Operations and Thomas Burger, Product Marketing Manager of the A380.Mark Glover: How successful has the A380 integration been within airports over the previous years?Thomas Burger: Globally speaking we are very happy. We have 253 orders from 19 customers where all three global alliances are represented. The first delivery took place in October 2007 and today we have 72 aircraft in service. We have seven operators operating these 72 aircraft, flying across 54 routes to 28 destinations. In terms of seat count, the lowest of 407 is on board the Korean Air aircraft. Airfrance carries the most on its A380 with 538 seats.The top ten A380 airports within the 28 destinations see 100 flights a day, which represents over one million passengers a month. The route lengths also vary, spanning from two hours from Dubai to Jeddah to 14 hours from Melbourne to Los Angeles.

Virgin Atlantic welcomes its new Airbus A330 at Gatwick

Airport news  •  30 April 2011  •  Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic has launched its second Airbus A330 aircraft from London Gatwick, the first time the airline has operated this aircraft type from its Gatwick base...

Günter Butschek nominated as new Head of Operations at Airbus

Airport news  •  12 January 2011  •  CASSIDIAN

Günter Butschek has been appointed as Executive Vice President (EVP) Operations and will take up this position on 1st March 2011...

Airbus signs MoU with Chinese authorities on cooperation in ATM

Airport news  •  21 December 2010  •  CANSO

Airbus signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Chinese air traffic management authorities on air traffic management cooperation.

High tyre pressure test on flexible airfield pavement for new aircraft standard

Issue 4 2010  •  10 August 2010  •  Cyril Fabre, Head of Airfield Pavement, ICAO-AOSWG / Pavement Subgroup ICCAIA representative, AIRBUS S.A.S

With the increasing air traffic demands, the aviation industry has made continuous strides in the past 50 years. As a result, load per wheel (and consequently internal tyre pressure inflation) have gradually increased since the initial FAA policy, which was based on a DC-8 configuration at 158,757 tons (18.8 tons wheel load and an associated internal tyre pressure inflation, Pnz of 13.2 bar/191 PSI ).These increases were driven by airlines’ demand to develop and design highly efficient aircraft with maximum reliability and optimised performances. As a consequence, aircraft components are lighter, particularly landing gear optimisation, to meet payload-range requirements and reduce noise and/or drag during approach phase.

Nexans opens a new aircraft cable manufacturing plant in Morocco as part of its partnership with Airbus

Airport news  •  17 June 2010  •  Nexans

Nexans, has opened a new manufacturing plant entirely dedicated to aircraft cables in Mohammedia (Morocco)...

Paving the way for the A380

Issue 1 2006, Past issues  •  17 March 2006  •  Cyril Fabre, Pavement Manager, Airbus

In preparation for the increasing introduction of heavy aircraft and new types of landing gear (e.g. B777 and A380), AIRBUS, STBA and LCPC undertook an ambitious research programme to define a more efficient pavement design method.

Handling the A380

Issue 2 2005, Past issues  •  10 June 2005  •  Dr. Thilo Stilp, Manager Ground Operations & Environment, Airbus, A380 Program

Although in the past airlines have been more involved in the design an active dialogue with ground handlers and suppliers has ensured an easier entry into services, writes Dr. Thilo Stilp.


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