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Aerodromes - Articles and news items

Prevention of Runway Incursions at Joint Use Aerodromes

Issue 4 2009, Past issues  •  16 July 2009  •  Goran Redzepovic, Eurocontrol Military Expert

Runway Safety is a vital component of aviation safety as a whole. The predicted growth in air traffic implies that the actual numbers of incidents may rise, unless held in check by preventive actions such as those recommended in the European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Incursions (EAPPRI). Over recent years, there have been a number of runway incursions in the European region, which resulted in three actual collisions, with a significant loss of life. The actual EAPPRI was approved by EUROCONTROL's Provisional Council in April 2003.

A holistic approach to aerodrome certification

Issue 1 2007, Past issues  •  6 February 2007  •  George Saounatsos, Associate Project Director, ADPi

Safety, regularity and efficiency of aircraft operations at aerodromes are of paramount importance, thus generating the need for the existence of a formal system to verify and validate that the airport operator can safely accommodate the foreseen aeronautical activity.


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