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Website: http://www.icm-airtec.com
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ICM Airport Technics is a market leader in material flow and logistic systems in and around airports operating on an international scale. Our range of services starts with manual or semi-automatic systems for smaller airports and forwarding agents and extends to turnkey, fully automatic systems for cargo and baggage handling and airline catering. ICM Airport Technics GmbH is a member of the Unitechnik Group.

  • Cargo Handling Systems.
    ICM Airport Technics provides complete cargo handling systems on a turnkey basis. We are developing custom-made solutions which answer operational and economic needs. Our range of products includes total control of the equipment throughout the automation hierarchy right up to the host computer system.
  • Flexible Terminal Equipment.
    ICM Airport Technics provides manual or semi-automatic cargo handling solutions for smaller airports and forwarding agents. We offer the world's first stand-alone freely moving multi functional transport vehicle, the X-MOVER. It combines the skills of a TV and an ETV with the features of a truck dock, a dolly dock, a slave pallet mover and a terminal input station for ULDs, making the X-MOVER a powerful "decathlete" in air cargo disciplines.
  • Baggage Handling Systems.
    ICM Airport Technics designs and implements state-of-the-art baggage handling systems. We have gained our experience by providing services as a supplier of turnkey systems as well as consultants for airports and authorities.
  • Auto Bag Drop.
    Together with Qantas, ICM Airport Technics have developed a new self-service Bag Drop System. The passenger can Check-in their baggage without having to queue at a Check-in desk. More than 10 million bags have been processed right now.
  • Automatic Baggage Loading.
    Loading of ULDs by a robot in fully automatic mode.

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